Bitcoin blockchain API

Blocksmurfer API documentation

Below is a list of API commands that can be used to query the blockchain. At this moment only the Bitcoin network is supported.

PLEASE NOTE: This API is still in development. API commands may change without notice.

Base URL:



Network Information

Get information about the selected network such as the number of transaction in the mempool, the last block, hashrate and various network definitions

Example: /api/v1/btc/

Estimated Transaction Fee

Get the estimated fee you need to pay to get a transaction included within a certain amount of blocks.

Example: /api/v1/btc/fees/5

The estimated fee in Satoshi per kilobyte will be used.

If the 'blocks' parameter is omited a default of 3 blocks will be used.


Specific block

Get block with specified blockhash or blockheight.


Example: /api/v1/btc/block/300000

You can use the 'parse_transactions' parameter to return full transactions instead of just and transaction ID. This will return only a limited number of transactions. Use 'page' and 'limit' to browse through transactions in a block.

Example: /api/v1/btc/block/300000?page=24&parse_transactions=True&limit=10

Latest block

Get newest block from the blockchain.


Example: /api/v1/btc/block/last

The same attributes 'parse_transaction', 'limit' and 'page' can be used with this reqeust.


Get latest block height.


Example: /api/v1/btc/blockcount



Get list of transactions for specified address.


Example: /api/v1/btc/transactions/bc1qxfrgfhs49d7dtcfzlhp7f7cwsp8zpp60hywp0f

As with the block request you can specify the 'limit' parameter. For paging the 'after_txid' parameter can be used.

Example: /api/v1/btc/transactions/bc1qxfrgfhs49d7dtcfzlhp7f7cwsp8zpp60hywp0f?after_txid=333d66019c73c9ca015cb25d81f95ff26d320432c23b94edccb90a7b08c84063&limit=5

Unspent Outputs

Get list of UTXO's for specified address.


Example: /api/v1/btc/utxos/1HLoD9E4SDFFPDiYfNYnkBLQ85Y51J3Zb1

The 'limit' and 'after_txid' parameter can be used to browse through the UTXO's.

Example: /api/v1/btc/utxos/1HLoD9E4SDFFPDiYfNYnkBLQ85Y51J3Zb1?after_txid=1ed74cf9ec10bb9eb881dfcbc97318baadff371e25f227587b8d87466f260cad&limit=2


Get sum of unspent outputs for specified address.


Example: /api/v1/btc/address_balance/1HLoD9E4SDFFPDiYfNYnkBLQ85Y51J3Zb1


Specific Transaction

Get specific transaction information with all inputs and outputs.

Example: /api/v1/btc/transaction/5fd3d8275afb5b5cc202ae8480daefa4fe16d0cf480ce78545d6dc06c6fb101a

If you just need the raw transaction use the 'raw' parameter.

Example: /api/v1/btc/transaction/5fd3d8275afb5b5cc202ae8480daefa4fe16d0cf480ce78545d6dc06c6fb101a?raw=True

Broadcast Transaction

Broadcast raw transaction in hex format to the Blockchain. Use POST method.

Example: /api/v1/btc/transaction_broadcast

Returns a dictionary with "success" is True and the transaction hash in "txid" if successful. If some errors occur more details are places in the "error" element.